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Claren Books publishes fiction and nonfiction at the rate of between two and six books a year. We prefer to spend time making our books wonderful and getting them into the hands of as many readers as can find, than publishing a lot of books and hoping for the best. We publish our books in paper and ebook editions. Claren Books is the publisher for The Binge-Watching Cure series. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter. Although we are a young publisher, we’re a second-generation book company. Both Bill Adler Jr. and his father were literary agents, representing dozens of national bestsellers. Some of their clients have included Dan Rather, Ronald Reagan, Larry King, Yoko Ono, and George Bush.


Publisher: Bill Adler, Twitter: @billadler

Bill Adler is a former literary agent, writer and Claren Books’ publisher. His books include Outwitting Squirrels (The Wall Street Journal: “A masterpiece”; Boing Boing: “One of the funniest books I’ve ever read”,) Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men by Understanding Their Relations With Gadgets, Tell Me a Fairy Tale: A Parent’s Guide to Telling Mythical and Magical Stories, and How to Negotiate Like a Child. You can find him on Facebook, too.


Editor: Sarah Doebereiner, Twitter: @SarahDoeberiner

Sarah Doebereiner is an author from central Ohio. She has placed short stories in a dozen anthologies by various presses locally and abroad. Her F/F romance novella, A Turbulent Affair, was released in early 2016. When she isn’t writing, Sarah fills her time with work in an editorial and acquisitions capacity. Macabre themes fascinate her because of their tendency to stay with readers long after the book closes, but the joy in writing and reading short fiction is the opportunity to try out all kinds of genres. Good writing is good writing, after all, no matter what clothes it wears. You can follow Sarah on Facebook.


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